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Jib (RemoteW)
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1st may 2005


The following softwares are compatible with Remote Wonder and Remote Wonder II, with or without a plug-in. If any other software, not mentionned below, supports the Remote Wonder, please send me an email.

means Basic buttons support : Play, Pause, Stop, Fullscreen 
 means you need a plug-in to use either extra buttons (such as Fast Forward and Rewind, Configuration, Root menu, Channel up and down...)  or all the buttons (if no basic support)

The following commands will work in any situation (Windows commands) : Volume, Mute, Cross pad with OK button, Mouse pad and both mouse buttons.

Comment : See plug-ins section

ATI Multimedia Center 7.6 and above  
Comment : All the buttons are then useful. Drivers 1.4+ include a plug-in for MMC.

Comment : See plug-ins section 

Comment : plugin provided with the software

CinePlayer DVD 4 (Ravisent)  
Comment : Fast forward and Rewind just do previous/next chapter. 

CinePlayer 1.5 (Sonic)  
Comment : See plug-ins section

DirectDVD (Orion Studios)  FULL SUPPORT
Comment : more infos at Orion Studios

DivX Player 2 (included in Divx 5.02 and above)  
Comment : See the plug-ins section (please update your DivX codecs) 

Comment :
GeeXboX is a full operating system, running under Linux and based on the excellent MPlayer. No need of hard drive, you just have to put the bootable CD. GeeXboX supports (among others) ATI Remote Wonder. More infos : Official website

HomeTheater 2   

Comment : fast forward and backward will navigate through your songs  

MicroDVD Player  
Comment : See plug-ins section  

Comment : version 7.50.1070 is reported to support basic buttons  

Comment : See plug-ins section  

nvDVD (Nvidia DVD player)  
Comment : Need a plug-in !

PowerDVD 3   

PowerDVD 4 XP  
Comment : See plug-ins section  

PowerDVD 5  
Comment : See plug-ins section  

Comment : See plug-ins section   

Quicktime Player 5 & 6  
Stop button only pauses and does not stop

RealOne Player  
Comment : Some forumers requested a plug-in !  

Comment : more info at

Sonic DVD Player 1.5
Comment : See plug-ins section

TheaterTek DVD   
Comment : See plug-ins section    

WinAmp 2   
Comment : See plug-ins section 

WinAmp 3    
Comment : Version 2.0 of NiDan's Winamp plug-in supports WA3.

Windows Media Player 6.4   
Comment : See plug-ins section 

Windows Media Player 8   

Windows Media Player 9   
Comment : See plug-ins section (2 plug-ins available)

WinDVD 3   
Comment : Fast forward and Rewind just do previous/next chapter (WinDVD 4 plug-in may work...)

WinDVD 4   
Comment : See plug-ins section    

WinTV (Hauppaugge TV cards)   
Comment : See plug-ins section   

ZoomPlayer 2.x / 3.x / 4.x  
Comment : See plug-ins section (2 plug-ins available)