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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Version 0.8


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Is the Remote Wonder compatible with my hardware (video card, motherboard...)
YES ! The remote does not care about your hardware specification. So it will work with any video card, or any motherboard, or even any keyboard :) However, if your card is not powered by an ATI chipset, you will not be able to use two buttons of the remote (TV and Media Library), as they work only with ATI Multimedia Center.

Is it possible to activate the TV output through Remote Wonder software ?
Yes but only with Drivers 1.4 and above. Just assign a keys combination for each of your Display Models, and then assign this combination to one of the remote's button (A, B, C ...) : open Remote Wonder application in the system tray, then choose the appropriate button and select "Simulate Keyboard Events". Just press the key combination you want and press OK !

The range is really limited ! Is it normal ?
The range should be 30 ft. maximum (9 meters) for the Remote Wonder II ans 60 ft. (18 meters) for the Remote Wonder II. For optimum reception, the USB receiver should be placed as far from the case of your PC as possible. Do not place it close to your TV. Leaving the cover off the PC, or having the receiver in close proximity to other high frequency devices may affect the range and/or reliability of the remote. If you have a USB Hub, connecting the receiver to the hub may increase the performance of the remote control. 

There is no plug-in for my favorite application !!
You can program a plug-in thanks to ATI Ammo SDK, or you could ask programmers to help you ;-) Don't forget to check my Plug-ins section !

I can't manage to find the plugin for DivX Player
You need to install Remote Wonder drivers BEFORE installing the newest release of DivX Codecs. The plugin will be placed automatically in C:\Program files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl\Plug-ins. Then you just have to "import" it through Remote Wonder software.

How to turn off my monitor easily with the remote ?
Without any plugin to turn-off the monitor, there is an easy trick to do this : just call a program with any button, and this program will turn off your monitor !
gpurdy on Rage3D forum told us about this program :
But : "You can't run the wizmo directly, but rather you have to setup a batch file and then run the batch file from the remote -- at least that's what I did and it works just the way I think it should ! (I setup a batch file called A.bat and put the wizmo command line including the parameter to turn off the monitor in the single line, then setup the remote A to run A.bat...)"
This trick is from Rage3D Forum (thanks to posters : gpurdy, NiDan, Himself).

Can I use Drivers 1.5 without MMC 8.5 ?
Yes ! ATI will tell you the opposite, but the new version can be installed without Multimedia Center 8.5. However, you will not benefit from the new Easylook support, the only "actual" new feature !

My Remote Wonder crashes and software does not respond anymore !
Problem with x10net.dll driver (the USB reciever driver) for the ATI Remote Wonder crashing and not allowing to use the remote as the software would not respond after the crash...
Apparantly there has been a workaround for this problem using original x10 drivers found at the x10 support website @ Downloading the x10drivers.exe file WILL fix this problem without any problems or complications, as it is ONLY the drivers for the USB reciever and should have no implications for using it.
Proof of this has been found in this
post @

If you didn't find the appropriate question/answer, please try one of the forums : (in French) or Rage3D