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Last updated :
2 July 2004



This automation tool ( can control any application through any inputs (keyboard, mouse, remote...). Girder needs an additional plug-in in order to use the Remote Wonder :

Ron Bessems created a new plug-in for Girder : "This plugin receives events from the ATI remote wonder, and the X10 family of remotes upon which it is based. This driver connects directly to X10's drivers and bypasses ATI's application and allows use of the 'ATI-Only' buttons (such as Power, TV...)." But you'll loose mouse pointer function (some replacement : post on Rage3D forum).

Note : if you get too fast reaction... for example, when you try to assign a button to switch chapters in a DVD, and when you press the correct button, sometimes it jumps two chapters instead of one, then try
activating "Only send first match" under "Target" (thanks  to
Ice =A= on Rage3D forum)

Download this plugin here at

>> If you find Girder too complicated <<
maybe you should try X10RC or another control software (Links section)