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Any application using Microsoft's WM_APP commands can be controlled by default with ATI's Remote Wonder (see Compatibility section). But when this is not the case, a plug-in can resolve this issue. Only Remote Wonder drivers 1.2 and above support plug-ins.

ATI decided not to develop any plug-ins (apart from examples such as WinAmp and PowerPoint included with drivers 1.4 and above). They just let you develop your own plug-ins, thanks to an Ammo SDK (visit ATI Ammo SDK page).

T. Charles, auteur de quelques plug-ins, a écrit un tutoriel expliquant comment créer vos propres plug-ins ! Bon courage à tous et merci à lui :-)

 > How to use these plug-ins <

Available plug-ins
Remote Wonder 1 / 2 / Plus)

 I can host your plug-in : check the contact page for more information.

ACDSee [ ]
Author :
Olivier Scharff
Notes : Check the readme file to know keys assignation
ACDSee plug-in 

BSPlayer [ ]
Author :
Notes :
BSPlayer can't natively handle the ATI Remote Wonder, but this plug-in should help. This is a very first release (there may be some bugs)
Gonker realeased also a different plug-in, just visit this page.
Matz's plug-in 1.0 (more info

CinePlayer 1.5 [ ]
Author : Guz

Notes : CinePlayer from Sonic is a DVD Player like PowerDVD or WinDVD.
Guz has realeased a new plug-in to support this great DVD player, and version 1.01 adds Focus and other options.
Cineplayer plug-in 1.01

Core Media Player [ ]
Author :

Notes :
Core Media Player is a powerfull media player supporting both audio and video files. It is very similar to Zoom Player..... but everyone should try and choose the best one ;) This plug-in add support for the ATI Remote Wonder and is based on a CDL and a plugin for the ATI Remote Wonder software.
TCMP plug-in 

DivX Player 2 [ ]
Author :
Notes : You can control the player included with the latest DivX codecs.
To get an overview of the plug-in features, click here. If you've got troubles with the plug-in installation, please check the FAQ section.
Please update your DivX codecs 

Author : NiDan

Notes : see readme file.
Dscaler plug-in 

EasyMMBox [ ]
Author :
Olivier Scharff
Notes :
Check this brand new DivX Box interface supporting the Remote Wonder through a plug-in (bundled with the software)
EasyMMBox plug-in 

ezDVBxl [ ]
Author : JayZee (
Notes : a plugin for this DVB player.
ezDVBxl plug-in (Help)

Foobar [ ]
Author : JayZee (
Notes : a plugin for this media player
Foobar plug-in (Help)

GB-PVR [ ]
Author : Julien ORTEGA

Notes :
GB-PVR is a fully featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR), allowing you to schedule TV recordings and view and pause live TV. In additional to this PVR functionality, it also acts as a media center allowing you to watch movies, listen to music and view pictures. GB-PVR also supports specialist hardware decoders including Sigma Designs XCard, Hauppauge PVR350 and Hauppauge MediaMVP, with support the full application including On Screen Display (OSD). GB-PVR also supports multiple tuners, allowing you to record more multiple channels at one time. This plugin map, C,D,E,F, the play group, MENU, SETUP, the volume groupe and the channel group.
GB-PVR plug-in updated on 12/08/05 !

Hollywood+ Card [ ]
Author :
Jonathan Zarate (
Notes : To use the remote with the card from RealMagic. 21 June, 2003 :
Version 1.02 (
fixes a problem in full screen & MFC is no longer needed & Source is now available).
Hollywood+ plug-in 

iTunes [ ]
r : Brandon M. DePesa / Matt
Notes : 
Two new plugins to controll the famous Apple's iTunes ! Brandon's version updated to 1.3 (12/12/05) : fixed the problem that caused Remote Wonder to not start after using the plugin.
Brandon M. DePesa Version v1.3
iTunes Wonder (Matt's version) v1.0

JovePlayer [ ]
Author :
Tony Gibbs
Notes : 
This release (1.1) allows you to set the key mappings in an ini file.
JovePlayer plug-in version 1.1 

K!TV [ ]
Author :
Thierry Charles
Notes : was updated in septembre 2004 to support K!TV > 2.0 -
K!TV plug-in

Master Volume
Author : Ilmars M.
Notes :
Plugin designed for audio mixer master volume controling
Master Volume v1.0

MCE Extended Support
Author :
Hoof Arted
Notes : C
orrects few problems when using the Remote Wonder under Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) : the Channel control does not work within the XP MCE, the Record button does not work.
MCE extended support 

MediaPortal [ ]
Author : ?

Notes :
A plugin to control MediaPortal. Note! It is installed in the RW program, not MediaPortal
MediaPortal plugin 

Media Player Classic [ Homepage ]
Author : JayZee

Notes :
Updated on 07/06/2006 to work with Media Player Classic (version 1.2.4). You need to use version 1.1 for MPV 6.4.x.
Media Player Classic plug-in (JayZee)

MicroDVD Player [ ]
Author : Safai

Notes : You need this plug-in to fully control
MicroDVD Player. Required the user using the "default" keyboard shortcuts.
MicroDVD Player plug-in with Installer (sources included)
MicroDVD Player plug-in only DLL file (if having troubles with the installer)

MSI DVD Player [ ]
Author : " Niceboy
Notes : readme file included for keys assignation.
MSI DVD Player plug-in

myHTPC [ ]
Author : "
Trellian "
Notes :
myHTPC is a highly customizable menu driven front end that allows you, among other things, to launch external programs, browse pictures and large collections of almost any type of media stored on your computer. Note that myHTPC is now Meedio (commercial software).
Link to (please register their website to download)

MyTheatre [ ]
Author : Buckaroo

Notes :
MyTheatre is a modern multimedia application for end user which allows watch Satellite TV and Radio, playback multimedia files (mpg, mp3, DivX and many others) and DVD.
MyTheatre plug-in

n.player [ Homepage ]
Author : n.player team

Notes : This great media player (audio, video and DVD) supports the Remote Wonder
n.player plug-in

PCTV cards [ ]
Author : f@b (homepage : here or this one)

Notes :
This plugin is for use of the PCTV Vision soft provided with the Pinnacle PCTV card with the ATI remote wonder.
PCTV cards plug-in 

PowerDVD 4 & 5 [ ]
Author :
Jonathan Zarate (
Notes : A wonderful plug-in which emulates almost all PowerDVD 4 & 5 functions. It includes a configuration tool to customize all the buttons. Latest version 1.07 (21/06/2002) 
adds new 0-9 actions for those having problems with these keys.
PowerDVD 4 & 5 plug-in 

Powerpoint (all versions) [ ]
Author : ATI Inc.

Notes : This plug-in from ATI enables you to perform presentations with your remote.
Included with ATI Remote Wonders Drivers

ProgDVB [ ]
Author : JayZee (
Notes : To control this free SAT software player
ProgDVB plug-in

RadLight [ ]
Author : Goce

Notes : enables to control RadLight media player !
Radlight plug-in

Remain Wonder plug-in (multi-purpose plug-in)
Author :
Phoenix (homepage)

Notes :
Complete "keyboard equivalent capabilities" of the Remote Wonder, because ATI seemed to forget some keys+ Give all keys a Girder scancode, so that the Remote can be used to trigger Girder event with only keyboard plugin + Full configuration of the keys => virtual ability to control any application.
Remain Wonder 1.5 RC2 plug-in 

Author : Niceboy

Notes :
The purpose is to assign some programs to the numerical keys and the web key of the remote. See Readme file for more information.

Remote Wonder Key Factory
Author : Jan Klir
[ homepage ]
Notes :
It's purpose is to assign key presses to the buttons on the remote controllers. You can define your key presses and control any program that supports keyboard shortcuts.
Remote Wonder Key Factory 

SageTV PVR [ ]
Author : Nielm

Notes : Read included readme file. Discuss about this plug-in on this forum.
SageTV PVR plug-in

SesamTV 1.0 [ ]
Author :
Nathanaël Schmied

Notes :
SesamTV is offering TV and Radio contents though internet, thanks to an intuitive software, which can be controlled by remotes (Pinnacle by default). According to SesamTV's author, next version of SesamTV will support the Remote Wonder.
SesamTV 1.0 plug-in

TheaterTek DVD [ ]
Author :
Notes : This new DVD player for PC from Theater Tek now supports the Remote Wonder.
TheaterTek DVD plug-in (
extract the file "TheaterTek.dll" into the Remote plug-in's folder)

TurtleBeach SantaCruz Soundcard [ ]
Author : André Malenfant

Notes :
Enables center and subwoofer level and Master Fader control.
TurtleBeach SantaCruz plug-in (readme included)

TV Button
Author : ?

: A plugin for starting any .exe file with the TV button
TV Button plug-in
(Readme included)

VLC [ ]
Author :
Infro (infro_infro @ / CalvinZ
Notes :
One version for VLC media player (Version 0.8.2-Everything else is untested). See Readme included. Another version for VLC 0.8.5 created by CalvinZ.
VLC plugin
VLC plugin for VLC 0.8.5 (new)

Winamp 2 / 3 / 5 [ ]
Author :
ATI (version 1.0) - NiDan (modified version 2.0)
Notes : Version 1.0 provided by ATI is included with Drivers 1.4 and supports Winamp 2.x only (and
does not control WinAmp when in background). NiDan modified the plug-in to control WinAmp even in background, and added some new features and Winamp 3 support in version 2.0.
Use NiDan's plugin version 5.0 for Winamp 5.
NiDan's Winamp plug-in 2.0
NiDan's Winamp plug-in 5.0 

Windows Media Player 6.4 [ ]
Author :
Thierry Charles
Notes :
Use this plug-in to add full remote support to Windows Media Player 6.4. This plug-in will probably not work with other releases of WMP.
Windows Media Player 6.4 plug-in

Windows Media Player 9 [ ]
Author : Technohead / Stephen Farr

Notes :
The ViTo Media Player is really just a thin wrapper around Microsoft's Windows Media Player 9. It is there to accept Windows messages that are sent to it from the ViTo Media Player Plug In.
Updated on 14/04/2003 :
Version - stopped the windows screensaver from kicking in whilst the player is playing.
Updated on 07/11/2003 : Stephen Farr created another plugin, see readme file included. Curent version added :
Mappable functions for "play next" and "play previous" from current playlist / The SetUp button now asks if the user wants to ignore WMP focus per session.
Windows Media Player 9 wrapper + plug-in (New version
Windows Media Player 9 (Stephen Farr version updated 07/11/2003)

Windows Media Player 10 [ ]
Author : Ilmars M.

es :
Plugin for Windows Media Player 10 basic controlling
WMP10 v1.0

WinDVD [ ]
Author :
Jonathan Zarate (
Notes :
To control WinDVD 4 / 5 / 6 (you can reassign all the buttons through a control panel).
Latest version 2.00 (28/08/2004) supports all version of WinDVD 5 ans 6 (please use version 1.07 for WinDVD 4.x)

WinDVD plug-in

WinDVR [ ]
Author :
Daniel (Snazziesoft)
Notes :
With this plugin, just about every feature of WinDVR is accessible using the remote.
WinDVR plug-in

WinLIRC [ ]
Author : Safai

Notes :
With this plugin, your Remote Wonder becomes WinLIRC compatible and opens your remote to more WinLIRC-enabled applications without a specifically written plugin. Readme file included.
WinLIRC support for Remote Wonder

WinTV [ ]
Author :  Nidan / ?

Notes :
A plugin to control TV cards from Hauppauge. Nidan's version will control wintv even when in full screen mode and when the program is not in focus.
WinTV cards plug-in (unknown author)
Nidan's WinTV cards plug-in (see readme file)

xlobby [ ]
Author : ?
Notes : first public release of this plugin to use xlobby, great Media Center, with your Remote Wonder.

xlobby plug-in
(forum post)

Zoom Player [ ]
Author : RyLoS / ueli
Notes :
Add Remote Wonder support to this great Video / DVD Player, version 2.x / 3.x / 4.x. This release (1.5) use static keys and function of ZP to control MediaMode only. June 2004 : ueli made another plugin for Zoom Player.
Zoom Player plug-in 1.5 (Rylos)
Zoom Player plug-in (ueli)