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This unofficial website is dedicated to remote controls
Remote Wonder, Remote Wonder II and Remote Wonder Plus from ATI

- New VLC plugin for VLC 0.8.5 (plug-ins section)

- New PC drivers : 3.04 (drivers section)
- I've added User's Guides for all remotes in the drivers section
- JayZee updated his MPC Plugin (
plug-ins section

- New PC drivers : 3.03
- New plugin for VLC ! Thanks to Infro, enjoy ;)

- New MacOSX drivers : 2.01
- New version 1.3 for iTunes plugin (fixed the problem that caused Remote Wonder to not start after using the plugin)
- Due to new ATI's anti-leech policy, I've removed all direct download links for drivers :( Sorry...

- New plugin for WinDVR
- Brandon updated his iTunes plugin to version 1.2.

> see
Plug-ins section.

Some news over past few weeks :
- New Remote Wonder drivers are and work with all version (RW1, RW2 and RW Plus).
- 2 new plugins for iTunes ! I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy them :)
- 1 new plugin for GB-PVR, a full featured Media Center.
- One plugin should follow soon : WinDVR, stay tuned.

I've added some plugins for the following apps : xlobby (media center), RadLight (media player). If you created a plugin not listed on plugins page, please contact me !

- ATI released a new remote : "Remote wonder Plus". Check my product page to know more about this brand new product, and I'll try to find out more information about it. Stay tuned...
- Following the new Remote Wonder Plus, ATI released a new RW software package : version 3.01. As usual, I've got no idea about changes, but I guess it's above all to support the new Remote Wonder.

- New plugin for ProgDVB (forgot to add it ;) and new version of WinDVD plugin to support WinDVD 5 ans 6 (forgot to update it ;)
> see
Plug-ins section.
- Someone told me that Rylos' Zoom Player plugin also works with versions 4.x .

Niclas contacted me to give some useful info :
- MediaPortal is a HTPC program like myHTPC and MythTV and it's free.
A plugin can help you to control MediaPortal (see Plug-ins section).
- TV button : a plugin for starting any .exe file with the TV button

Remote Wonder II is now available in Europe, under "Sapphire" brand. Please check Product description page for more information.

I know this website is more or less drivers and plugins news instead of other exciting things ... But I can't update nmore, as I've got others hobbies :) Anybody who would like to help is welcomed !
- 2 new plugins from Ilmars :
Master volume
- Plugin designed for audio mixer master volume controling.
WMP10 - Plugin for Windows Media Player 10 basic controlling.

- New Remote Wonder 1 & 2 drivers and software for MacOS : 1.5.
Plenty of new functionality, including Import and Export features to allow easy sharing of profiles between users. The Mac software can be used with any Mac OS X application and comes with built-in support for a number of popular titles, including Apple DVD Player. > Drivers page
- New version of K!TV plug-in to support K!TV 2.0
> Plug-ins section

 Old news...


Newest Drivers
PC Drivers 3.04 (all RW)
MacOSX Drivers 2.01 (all RW)

Newest Plug-ins
Media Player Classic (MPC)





    ... more in Plug-ins section